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Korean Mixed Vegetables–Japchae

For the longest time, I have meaning to make this dish, but somehow that just didn’t happen. Until recently, that is. Perhaps it due to some recipes calling for all the ingredients to be fried separately before combining in the final dish which gave me the impression that this is one of those fussy dishes to prepare. If you have followed me long enough on this space, you would know that I am fearless when it comes to tinkering with recipes, regardless of how authoritative they may be. So I away I went and cooked everything in a pan. And so how did it turn out? It was definitely better than the many versions I had while dining out. My only problem was that I had soaked the noodles for too long and hence they started to break up while I was stirring it. Apart from that, it was certainly a satisfying dish. It was so good on its own that we didn’t bother with our rice. The ingredients list seems like anything goes. Optimally, you should aim for 5 colours to make the dish more appetis

Tarts and Thoughts

Just the other day while waiting in line to pay for some items I had picked up at a neighbourhood bakery, I spied a big jar of pineapple tarts sitting on the counter. A quick glance on the price tag left me reeling! S$26 for about 45-50 little tarts? Since when the humble pineapple tarts were alleviated to the status of high-price baked goods? These aren't some pastries which have names so foreign that I can’t even pronounce!  Rather than spend my time thinking about that last question, I decided it was time to work this pair of arms since I can't get the visions of those pineapple tarts out of my head and my itchy mouth waters every time that vision pops up. If I had learnt anything at all about baking after all these years, it must be this one golden rule: Plan ahead! Baking is a process that greatly benefits from planning. Here's what I mean: Planning detail #15: Re-use the bowl used to prepare the egg yolk mix (i.e. egg yolks and vanilla essense) for water to mix in

Main Course Salads: Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Strictly speaking, this is not a salad per se. This would be more accurately termed as cold pasta since there is more pasta than veggies. Whether salad or cold pasta, I find myself overeating on this all the time. I can’t help it. I love pasta salads. And better yet, I love Mediterranean-style pasta salads with bits of olives and feta cheese! There are tons of salads by the same name , but here’s my version of it. Pasta, cherry tomatoes, olives, feta, roasted bell peppers, lots of parsley and drizzle your favourite vinaigrette. Mine happens to be the very same lemon-olive oil vinaigrette used in Salad Nicoise . If you need protein, throw in bits of salami or prosciutto and fresh basil instead of parsley. For a vegetarian version, I would recommend throwing in cooked or canned chickpeas. I am all set for a potluck party! Except that there was no party and I ate half of the huge plate by myself. Now my love handles/muffin tops are getting out of control.