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Hot Cross Buns ala Rene

My sister was in Cape Town over the Good Friday weekend and there, she told me, she had the most wonderful hot cross buns. Big, soft, fluffy, citrusy and spicy. Hmm... Sounds like very delicious hot cross buns to me. So her first message to me when she got home was: "Sis, make hot cross buns!" And I am only too happy to oblige. I flipped my Joy to recipe the recipe, but when I saw that the backbone of the buns were of the Milk Bread , I was recluctant to try. Then an ideal struck me. I decided to use my Japanese dough recipes instead. So I chose the enriched dough and pile on the dried fruits and spices, but dropped the sugary glaze used to make the cross. The result - I am not really happy with it. I think I've used too little spices and the bread tasted like any ordinary raisin and citrus bread. (-.-) On the bright side of things, it was really nice to wake up in the morning to a fresh loaf of bread.

Tokyo Photos (Part 2)

This is for all my little princess' fan. (^.^) As we took the Airport Limo (its a bus, actually) heading to the hotel, Hubby spotted a playground nearby. So after we had some rest and refreshed ourselves, we hunted down the place. The playground is really huge. At least 5 times bigger than our usual playground found at HDB estates. With the temperature of 8 degC. It is really nice to run about without working up a sweat. Here's my princess taking her first swing. Swings are becoming a rarity in Singapore these days. Reason: unknown. Sharing a ride with the locals. Notice that only the mommys bring the kids. No daddys in sight cos it was a weekday. And during the weekends, it is vice versa. What a cute culture! A kiddy slide nearby. Look how happy she was. Until today, she is still asking to go back to this playground! This is me running around the park with her chasing after those poor fat pigeons. The pigeons are 1.5 times bigger than those pathetic ones here. Maybe they ea

Tokyo Photos (part 1)

These are some photos of our hotel room at Hilton Tokyo. It cost us most more than our previous stay but it was definitely worth every cent of it. Our little princess got more room to run around and we have more space for our shopping bags and also the stroller. Taken from the entrance and Hubby surveying the landscape. The king size bed. By the way, this is the King Jr Suite which cost us S$460 per night. This is the entrance and toilet. Here is a photo of what's outside our window. We were on the 21st storey. So, out we go to look for some food. First stop, Odakyu and Keio Plaza. Their supermarkets have a cooked food section which one would be spoilt for choice. Keio, of cos, has a bigger section and the food are of better deal. Ohhh, I missed the supermarkets so badly even now as I type! One of the reasons, we chose to stay in Hilton (apart from my Hubby high standards for hotels) is that there is a free feeder bus to and from Odakyu (or the locals call it Shinjuku, cos the Shin

Rhythms and Blues

I'm still here ... in some sort of limbo. Being back from our week-long trip in Tokyo for more than a week, but I haven't gotten my rhythm back. Lots of washing, sorting and catching up to do. Almost every morning I wake up with Monday blues. (-.-) I'm bouncing back, so just a while more, yeah? Currently listening to Joanna Wong's Start From Here and reading Separate Beds by LaVyrle Spencer