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Reading vs Cooking

For the past few weeks, I have doing more reading than cooking. Either is it due to the hot weather or high food prices or being unable to find a particular ingredient, I am simply put off on trying out new recipes. Just as I have hinted that I might be making pizzas, I was so happy to find a recipe which I think is worth trying and was hoping to indulge myself with lots of cheesy bites, but when I saw the price tag for a block of mozzarella cheese, I hesistated to reach my hand out for a block. A 250g block would set me back by S$7.15 and mind you this is not the top grade fresh mozzarella cheese that all my books are harping about. This is usually my shopping list for a pizza session: - 2 blocks of cheese (S$7.15 x 2 = S$14.30) - fresh button mushrooms (S$4.80 per 200g pun) - asparagus (180g pkt, S$3.15) - cherry tomatoes (S$3.05 per 250g pun) - plain flour (S$1.80 per 1kg pkt) - tomato sauce (S$5.10 per 500g bottle) Total cost = S$32.20 (which works out to an average of S$10.70

If I Am Gonna Start A Business ...

Last Friday, I picked up some cooking books from the library in hopes of finding some inspirations for cooking. But guess what? When I flipped out one of the books I picked up, I found a little note book and a pen wedged in between the pages. Out of curiosity, I flipped the pages of the note book and realised that this is probably part of someone's business plan to start a cafe. The book contained a handwritten menu as well as incompleted recipes for each item on the menu. This set me thinking if I am able to commercialise my interest in cooking. I don't think I will be able to set up shop and start selling my experiments, but I would be more inclined to start something like private cooking/baking class. Simply cos I believe in this saying: "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life." Maybe my own business plan would look something like this: - Love your freezer class - Bento making class - Tea with scones and muf

Northern Indian Chicken Curry

Made this curry on Sunday. I didn't follow the directions exactly but the end result still tasted quite good. Guess curries are quite accomodating. (^.^) Click here to see the recipe and a photo of how it ought to turn out. See how different?

Bento #3 For Hubby, et al

::: Today's Bento Menu ::: Pesto with roast chicken and avocado sandwiches Sliced apples and pear We had leftover roast chicken and an overripe avocado sitting in the fridge, so I combined them to make a sandwich. Pity that I didn't have any tomato on hand to brighten things up a little. I'm in love with pesto sauce. Anything goes well with it, in my opinion. We have signed our little princess up for a twice a week programme to stay in school for lunch and followed on by activities. She enjoys the activities but thoroughly hates the lunch in school for some reasons. So I thought maybe I would pack her favourite lunch and bring it to her later (just 5mins walk from my office). Hopefully this will help reduce her anxiety of lunching there. Cross my fingers. ::: Toddler's Bento Menu ::: Breaded pork fillet Boiled broccoli Sliced hard boiled eggs And since she has 2 snack breaks now, I also packed additional snacks for her. ::: Snack Corner ::: Above - Calbee vegetable stic

Bento #2 For Hubby

Bentos for Hubby is really a good way to clear the fridge! ::: Today's Bento Menu ::: Pan fried fish fillet Quails' eggs Simmered lotus roots Boiled green beans Shoulder ham slices Cucumber pickles

Bento For Hubby

Assembled this lunch box with all the leftovers in my fridge. Princess and I had the same thing for dinner last night, but when she saw the lunch box this morning, she said: "Wow!" (??!!) So presentation matters, eh? As you can see, I have been cooking but most of them are from my own creation and I think not too photo worthy. After cooking lunch and dinner for 5 days a week for 9 months, I still haven't got to working out a system that would work for me. Talk about being slow! I'm getting there. By the way, we had a picnic last Saturday at the Botanical Gardens. Geez, it was sweltering hot that day. But the kids had a good time just being outdoors. Here's a pic of the picnic spread. I prepared rice balls for the picnic and also bought BBQ chix wings. Others contributed puff pastries, sandwiches and also salad. We went with 5 containers full of food but came back with 5 containers full of food cos we have so much leftover! Guess we were all abit overzealous. (^.^)