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Supermarkets Shopping

I love supermarkets. Whenever I have time to kill, I will find the nearest supermarket and get myself lost in them. Whenever I am overseas, I would want to know where is the nearest supermarket from wherever we are putting up. It does matter whether I am cooking or not since supermarkets these days sell more than just foodstuff. Some days I walk out of supermarkets with magazines, on others I can be spotted munching on baked goods from the deli. Unfortunately, it is hard to find someone who are as supermarket crazy. My mom and Hubby excluded, since they are being dragged there by me. To most, supermarkets exist for a specific purpose, much like toilets, and that purpose is definitely not even remotely associated with recreation. Recently, I started noticing full-page coloured advertisement up by our local supermarkets. Although is is nice to know what items are on promotion, the selection of items which appears on the ad makes me wonder who are the supermarkets trying to reach out to

A Foodie For A Partner

As much as I would like to think of myself as a beauty that most men would love to spend the rest of their lives looking at, I am not. That’s the truth. It is staring back at me in the mirror everyday. Mirrors are cruel. I wonder how Snow White’s step-mother could live with one. Much less one that talks. So, if beauty is not on my resume, it makes me wonder why on earth my easy-going, shoot-from-the-hip Hubby would choose to spend the rest of his life looking at me. I am uptight, over-cautious, chaotic, demanding and temperamental. I once laughed to my former beau that he definitely got a better deal with his wife than he would from me. His coffee nearly came back out through his nostrils. Then he excused himself to the washroom to clean up, but I suspect that he probably went to call his wife to thank her for saving him from a life of untold misery. As if those qualities aren’t enough, I had to throw “being a foodie” into the equation. Being food-obsessed and discerning in taste ma

It Can Only Spell Trouble

The world must be crazy. It must be! If not, how does one explain the following madness: Madness #1: Existence of dairy cows which produce human breast milk Watching the interview of the scientist discussing how science and technology should be harnessed to feed the 1.5 billion hungry people in the world , I couldn’t help but feel skeptical about the real reason(s) for such un-natural creation. Did the scientist mean that human breast milk will be able to feed these hungry people while cow’s milk can not? When he spoke about the 1.5 billion hungry people, is his concern about world hunger or market share for his new product? And I’m sure that the Hippocratic Oath, which is taken by doctors, doesn’t apply to him. When a scientist thinks like a businessman, it can only spell trouble. Madness #2: Plastic softener in “bubbles/pearls” for bubble tea As a former big time bubble tea drinker, I am shell-shocked. Of course I have heard about the obscene amount of sugar that goes into mak