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Double Choc, Double Standard

What does one do when one runs out of disposable aluminum muffin cups which one uses for freezing such batters? Use disposable aluminum mini loaf pans! Duh ... And that was how my double chocolate muffins became double chocolate loaf. Due to the size, the loaf took about 35 mins in the oven of 210 degC. It was an agonising wait for my princess, who wolfed down a third of the loaf when it had cooled sufficiently (and allowed me only one snap and no more!). It is time to make a trip to SKP for those muffin cups.

Bento #4 For Hubby

::: Today's Bento Menu ::: Lady's finger blanched in soy sauce Sauteed zucchini Pan-fried fish fillet (hidden) Rolled pork with carrots and beans (hidden) Brown rice with radish pickles ::: Today's Bento Menu For My Mom::: Lady's finger blanched in soy sauce Sauteed portobello mushrooms with asparagus Pan-fried fish fillet (hidden) Rolled pork with carrots and beans (hidden) Steamed Japanese sweet potatoes rounds White rice with rice sprinkles Recently I have seen an improvement in my cooking. Finally, after so many years at it! Geez ... Well, I am proud to say that I am able to cook at least 3 dishes in one session and doing all that in under 90 minutes. Not a very glorious accomplishment to most, but it is to me. I realised that it all boils down to being very organised in the head! Planning is everything. Mise en place , my dear. Anyway, I have been tasked by my sister to take charge of my mom's lunch today and so I have woke up early to prepare something sp

Sauteed Zucchini

This is my first time cooking zucchini this way. We went Pete's Place at Grand Hyatt some time ago, and I remembered biting into this but it was a more chunky version. This was ultra easy to cook and really delicious. Just saute sliced onions in olive oil an then add sliced zucchini. Fry until zucchini softened. Season with salt and pepper. Mine was slightly over-cooked to accomodate my princess. I was quite surprised that she took it well. A simple sauteed button mushrooms with pork to go along. She just can't wait to get started on her lunch already. Nowadays asking her to hold her spoon back while I snap some photos is almost agonising to watch. (^.^)

Apricot Buttermilk Scones

My beloved Joy of Cooking only has 3 scone recipes with another 4 variants. I love the Classic Currant Scones. It was simply one of the best breakfast items to have in the morning. Not overly sweet and soft tender crumbs, how can one resist? But I have made many batches of that already and can't wait for a change. So back to JOC, and I am to choose between Oatmeal Scones with Raisins or this Apricot Buttermilk Scones. I am not really a big fan of oatmeal, so I thought maybe I will give this buttermilk scone a shot. This was the description that came with the recipe in the book: "Moist, light scones with a golden crusty exterior." That sentence said it all. Buttermilk gives this scone a lift to make crumbs feathery and soft. When eaten hot out of the oven, the crust is crunchy and smells wonderful. Even my princess came running to the kitchen when I was baking it. And would you like to know how she eats the scone? She gobbled the apricots first and then proceed to eat th

Cheater's Pizzas

Last weekend I was feeling ultra lazy and decided not to cook. But life still goes one despite the cook going on a break. So what does one whip up for lunch instead of driving out (think of the fuel!)? Frozen store-bought pizzas. Dr Oetker's is our favourite choice. The crust is thin and crisp while the toppings are real stuff that you can see. The regular price is S$9.70, but it is currently under promotion which is going for S$7.95 at Cold Storage. Remember that my cost of making a pizza is S$8.05 , so this slightly under my cost hence it made sense to buy rather than make from scratch. The above was a plain pizza mozzarella but I dropped sliced portobello mushrooms over it for my mushrooms-loving princess.

Mushroom Rice

This is my re-take on a recipe I found from (where else can you find recipes loaded with cans and cans of condensed soup-of-something?). The original recipe is a baked rice, but this time I cooked it in the rice cooker and added some chicken wings to it. I followed everything in the recipes except that I combined everything into the rice cooker and switched it to a full regular cycle (not quick cooking!). Result: I have never seen my girl eat dinner that fast and she was glued to the chair throughout the whole meal. Some thing of a rarity in my house. As the recipe yield quite a lot of rice, I packed some for my dear brother for his lunch at work. Not much of a bento to speak of.

Crispy Squid

My little princess loves deep fried squid rings, actually she loves all deep fried stuff (who doesn't?). So when I saw Nigella Lawson made some on her show, I knew I must try it out. Not that I particularly like her shows, but her squids really looked delicious. Result: My girl loved it so much that she finished kept asking for more! The recipe is fairly easy and straight forward but I bought a bag of semolina just to try it out. Now I have to think what to do with the rest of it. Sorry for the lack of photos, my hungry tot would not be made to wait.