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How Trim Is Your Waist?

I just came across this article in NYTimes - " Japan, Seeking Trim Waists, Measures Millions ". The gist of it is that the government is trying to ensure that they don't have to deal with increasing health issues stemming from overweight problems. So they actually set thresholds for its people and those who fail to meet them will be sent for some sort of "corrective work order". Do you meet those thresholds? Men - 33.5 inches Women -35.4 inches (Note: these thresholds apply to those 40 years old and above.) This sets me thinking if my waist will hit 35 inches when I am 40 years old. My waist measured 36.5 inches just before I gave birth! o_O

Spicy Beef Curry Stew

My cooking hit a snag recently and I am just glad to have people around me to keep sending inspirations down my way. Yes, Lyn a pizza might just be coming this way. (^.^) I have sworn off for as long as I have decided to go Asian, but somehow I still find myself wondering at times if there are some interesting recipes in there just for a change of palette. And true enough, I found this recipe which with just the title makes me drool. I've tuned up the heat with bird's eye chilli and it was a hit with Hubby. My only 2 complains with this recipe were that it was expensive (S$20+ for the beef alone) and the browning was an extremely treacherous task. My slow cook pot has been sitting sadly on my countertop beside the stove. Putting up with all the oil splatters of my daily cooking but it still waited patiently for its chance to return to glory. And once again, it proved to be a real trusty fellow and that it is earned the right to remain on my countertop permanentl

Frugal Living, Anyone?

It seems like there isn't a day go by when you would open up the newspaper and see something which would make your day grimmer than the one before. Perhaps the last good news I've seen on the papers in the past week was Kinokuniya will be having sale from 6 June to 6 July. And this morning, I saw on the papers that prices for eggs and some vegetables are set to go higher due to higher transportation cost from Malaysia. Guess these 2 items aren't the only ones set to be pricier. Try going to market with S$50 and see how many things you can get and don't be surprised to see that you would leave with only one bag of groceries (and this has nothing to do with trying to save the world from plastic bags). That's wet market, not supermarket. Perhaps it is time for me to either think about how to trim our grocery bill or how to make the same amount of food last longer. Not to mention trim our waistlines. I don't fancy switching my food to house brands simply because