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Conversation With A Pre-Teen

Conversation #36845 Princess: "Mummy, what's this in your phone's photo gallery?" Me: "Oh, that's my 杏仁茶(Chinese Almond milk drink)." Princess: "It looks like my slime." Me: "..." I still cannot phantom the joy of playing with slime. This was indeed my precious homemade Chinese almond milk which I had to rationed carefully since I had made only a small quantity to try out. There are plenty of recipes out there, and me being me, I just bought a bag of Chinese almonds (南杏) and just winged it without any measurements. I am beginning to cook like my mum, with whom I am forever exasperated when I try to coax a recipe of my favourite dish out from her. So now I am equally unable to give a recipe here. Sigh ... I guess I am really my mother's daughter. But I will not leave you in the lurch. I made this Chinese almond milk based on this  video from YTower Cooking Channel , so go check it. The method is so easy and the result