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Teriyaki Chicken - 鳥の照り焼き

I'm back and into the kitchen again! Oooh ... I didn't think that I would miss my kitchen very much, but I do! Craziness. Anyway, I did a simple teriyaki chicken for our little princess last night. This version was slightly different from one which I had done previously cos I was trying out the recipe from another book. Tasty, nonetheless. ***************************** Teriyaki Chicken - 鳥の照り焼き ***************************** Marinate 2 deboned chicken thighs (with skin on) with 1 tbsp of sake , 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce and 1/2 tbsp of ginger juice . Let stand for 10 mins. In a small bowl, stir together 3 tbsp of soy sauce , 2 tbsp of mirin and 1 tbsp of sugar . Stir to dissolve the sugar completely. Heat a frying pan with scant bit of oil. Pat dry the chicken with paper towels. Add the marinated chicken, skin side down. Fry until the skin has browned and flip over to cook the other side. When chicken has cooked through, add the soy sauce mixture. Let the mixture boil

The Kitchen Is Closed

With the upcoming trip, the main focus now is to clear the fridge of leftovers. And we have plenty from the past week of cooking. I tried a few new recipes but I didn't want my hungry dinner guests to wait another minuter longer while I snap the photos. I've made Shepard's Pie, Spicy Chicken with Thai Basil and Swedish Meatballs. I have always thought that trying new recipes would be an interesting way to learn new things about cooking and food, but I guess that is just me. Here's an interesting read for anyone who has yet to wet their feet in the kitchen to start thinking about daily cooking as a very real way to feed yourself in your twilight years , or even now.

Demise of Gourmet

Gourmet Magazine will stop its press machine after the last copy of their November issue leaves the print house . It's a sad news for foodies around the world. Still remember I was sitting on the fence about getting The Gourmet Cookbook previously? Well, with this news, it seems to me that it is a sign for me to get it. Actually, get them, since they came out with Gourmet Today recently. It is something like getting a memorabilia, but not quite since they only contain recipes but not articles. The foodie world has been a buzz with talks of this news, but I find that this article written by the editor of my favourite cookbooks in NYTimes most though evoking. Especially when the author wrote: " The world needs fewer opinions and more thoughtful expertise ... ". No doubt that the Internet space is full of white noise, but there are gems to be found and there is no stopping people from sharing whatever that they wish to share. And this led me to consider what is the purp

What's In The Burger?

Came across this article about a girl who ate contaminated burger patties from The New York Times . If you are not interested to read the whole article, just see below which I lifted from the article. " ... records show that the hamburgers were made from a mix of slaughterhouse trimmings and a mash-like product derived from scraps that were ground together at a plant ... that processes fatty trimmings and treats them with ammonia to kill bacteria." Hamburger, anyone?

Mesh Mash Dinner

Put together the leftover Thai-Style Tomato and Shrimp Salad and a grill slab of ribeye steak. The Cold Storage beef section is still having promotion and hence the steak. The steak was rubbed with a curry dry rub before grilling and the cheese sauce was from similar to the one made for my Grilled Ribeye Steak . Perfect combination of light/refreshing with heavy/satisfying.

Thai Green Curry Chicken

If you haven't noticed, this blog has a fair share of spicy food post. We love all things spicy. The hotter, the better. I made this last week when my mom came over, and this dish won her non-stop praising, which is something very rare since she is a fantastic cook herself. The curry paste was easy to prep and the cooking can't be any simpler. This is definitely a good dish to impress a hungry crowd.