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Yahoo! - Food

I have just noticed that Yahoo! has a section labelled " Food ". At one glance it may look like a Martha Stewart site, but it actually has a collective databank pulled from Martha Stewart,,, etc. Quite a time saver for me, as I usually visit these sites. From the site I found Polenta with Meat Sauce . I bought a bag of polenta some time ago (seems like I have lots in my pantry), and I have been looking for a good recipe to try. If you haven't heard of polenta, it is actually finely ground cornmeal. Cooking it takes as much as and effort as making risotto; stirring patiently by the hot stove. Leave it to the Italians to come up with good food and torture the cook! Well, the torture was reserved for Hubby in my case (^.^), who stirred the cornmeal smooth for a good 20 mins. This is our first time making polenta, and I think we didn't fare well. That explains why no photo .... *boo boo* Still have half a bag of polenta left in my pantry, so

Breaded Chicken Cutlets with Pasta

I have gotten a copy of Australian Women's Weekly - Eating In from the library last week and was immediately attracted to all the beautiful pictures in it. The pictures are defintely beautiful but the recipes just don't click on me somehow. However, they do give me ideas for dinner! The idea of this dish came from its Breaded Veal Cutlets with Gnocchi in Mushroom Sauce. No veal for me and no gnocchi here, so I had to improvise a little. Well, this dish took 65 mins from start to end, though doesn't really qualify as a jiffy meal, but it is definitely satisfyingly worth it.

Chicken Kebabs

While walking aimlessly at Plaza Singapura shopping mall the other day, I wandered into Daiso, a shop where everything it sells is for S$2. And the best part is that most of the things it sells are from Japan. So after handing baby over to Hubby, I grabbed a shopping basket and started dumping all sorts of things for the kitchen into the basket. Guess I am exactly the sort of target customers they are looking for - complusive shopper. When I saw these skewers, I thought making kebab would be a good execuse to buy it. So into the basket it went. Of course, as a complusive shopper I wouldn't just buy one set (comprise of 2 skewers), would I. No, I had to buy two sets of course! I marinated the chicken pieces in Ginger Soy Vinaigrette as suggested by Joy of Cooking, though I thought it strange. A vinaigrette as a marinate? Although the vinaigrette tasted good on its own, the kebabs came out so-so only. Next time I am going to make Teriyaki instead. Well, until next time then.

Thai Fish Cakes (Almost!)

The reason I added the word "almost" to the title of this post is because these Fish Cakes would be more Thai-like had I thrown in some chopped chillies to spice things up. However, as I thought that our little cherub might want a slice of the action (or Fish Cakes in this instance), so out went the chillies. The resulting Fish Cakes taste close to its counterparts we have tasted in restaurants, minus the spiciness though. Think: non-chilli otah. So, to upgrade it to adult food, I made a Thai Chilli Dipping sauce to go with it. Taste test result: Spicy, sour and more Thai-Like, of course! *********************************************** Thai Fish Cakes (adapted from Joy of Cooking - 1997 ed.) *********************************************** (A) 2 red chillies, deseeded (this is what I would have added) 1 shallot 2 cloves garlic 2 tbsp fish sauce 1 tsp salt 2 cm piece ginger, peeled 1 kaffir lime leave or some lime zest (B) 500 gm firm white fish fillets 1 lar

Crustless Quiche

Love quiche but hate to dabble with the tricky pastry? Either you buy off the shelf or try this method of making quiche. The best description I have for it: baked eggs. Since quiches are actually egg pies, so minus the crust it would be just baked eggs. Make sense? Hmm.... I found and made this recipe some time back when Hubby was on low-carb diet. Its really easy to make, especially with a food processor. As quiches are usually very accomodating, you will throw pretty much anything in it. I made mine with spinach and some leftover white button mushrooms. A really good yummy dish to have first thing in the morning. ****************************************** Crustless Spinach Quiche ****************************************** Olive oil 1 medium onion 200 gm white button mushrooms. sliced 250 gm fresh spinach, finely chopped 5 large eggs 250 gm ricotta cheese 250 gm cheddar cheese, shredded Salt and black pepper, to taste 1. Heat saucepan with olive oil and saute onions

Welcome on board BigFoot

I would like to welcome BigFoot on board to Dainty Bites as a contributor. BigFoot is my best friend and is an ardent fan in cooking and baking. I have invited her on board hope to bring a more varied experience in our cooking/baking quests and hopefully we could all share and learn something from each other. Sit tight and enjoy! Rene

Breaded Chicken Cutlets

Still flipping through my Joy of Cooking, we made these cutlets last night. I have tried making Martha Stewart's version before but it didn't quite make the mark. Joy's breaded crust is wonderfully crispy and easy to make. As I had bought more chicken breasts than called for, when I ran out of breadcrumbs, I merely dusted the chicken with seasoned flour and pan fried them. They looked kinda bare, don't you think?


Ever heard of SpongeBob Square Pants? If your answer is no, click here . And you probably need to lighten up and live "The SpongeBob Way" once in a while. (^.^) If yes, you would know that the nothing-can-put-him-down SpongeBob works at a diner call The Krusty Krab, frying up all the Krabby Patties. Whenever I hear that name, I would think of crabcakes, although I won't know for certain if SpongeBob is flipping crabcakes or not (looks like beef patties from the cartoon). While packing my little cherub's toy box on Sunday, I saw her book set of SpongeBob books and I thought, hey, let's make some Krabby Patties! I dug up a pack of crabmeat and anxiously flipped my Joy of Cooking. The recipe was easy, but the hardest part I think was having to wait for an hour or two for the breadcrumbs to set before frying. This is my first time making crabcakes and I am quite happy with them. Hubby happily chomped down most of them with Tobasco sauce and our little one swiped