Since yesterday's l-o-n-g and lengthy post, I thought that maybe I ought to include "Tidbits" as a regular feature on this page.

What's "Tidbits"? Well, it's basically nuggets of miscellaneous info from the web which I thought would be interesting and I would like to keep for future reference.

So welcome to the first serving of Tidbits!

~ Was just checking out The Amateur Gourmet (which by the way has his own version of "Tidbits" which he calls "Nibbles"; guess we all need an outlet for fielding in miscellaneous info) and he wrote a post about tart making. It's so funny to think of pastry making in the superior/subordinate light. But I do agree that when tackling any situation, we all need a little bit of confidence to do the trick. Hmm... Noticed that I have coming across pastry making posts. I'm still trying to muster enough courage to tame The Dough.

~ As an cookbook addict, I love collecting not only cookbooks but also recipes from all over the place. Previously I would conscientiously jot it down in a notebook, but now I just print straight from the browser and these loose sheets are strewn/chucked all over my table. Martha Stewart's website (sorry, no link as I have been having problems accessing her page recently) suggested organising and putting recipes into those plastic slot-in photo albums (she always have perfectionists working for her, doesn't she?), but I think it would be too much of a pain to re-write everything into photo-size paper/card. So for now, my recipe collection is still as disorganised as ever. I just read on this page about someone's grandma actually passed her a recipe box. Aww.... Isn't it sweet? I mean what could be more endearing than passing on recipes for family food? Maybe I ought to pester my mom and chronicle all her wonderful recipes so that I could pass it down to my daughter too!