When my mom asked me what were we to do with fresh scallops and prawns, I was surprised to hear myself say: "Pizza".

Maybe subconciously I was trying to out-do that corner shop at Robertson Walk which put up a signage that says "The Best Pizza In Town". I firmly believe that The Best [fill-in-the-blank] can only be made at home, but there are some rare exceptions.

So where are my pizzas?

They were gone in a jiffy. Not because they were really tasty, but more because the crowd was really famished. Wolfing down each pie before it had a chance to even cool down! My hands were either covered with olive oil/flour or still in oven mittens most of the time during the feeding frenzy.

Except for my mishappen pizzas, everyone was happy with the crust and had a fun time "decorating" their pizzas. The dough was fairly straight forward and can be found online here. If you like thin crust pizza, this dough recipe is perfect. Light, crunchy and airy and able to stand up to the slathering of the tomato sauce. Although the recipe said 1.5 cups water, I added another 3 more tbsp of water + 1 tbsp of olive oil for the dough to come together completely.


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