Looking For Inspirations

Recently I found my exploration of new recipes has slowed to a trickle. My cooking has been reduced to "cooking-only-when-starvation-threatens" mode. Guess my cooking is like everything else, it's cyclical.

So while my cooking is taking a backseat, I search for new inspiration has not stopped. Be it surfing the net or reading cookbooks. But lately, I have been obsessed with waffles. Not those chewy, pancake thingy that Prima Deli dishes out. I am talking about those firm, airy, crispy and evenly browned waffles that go best when topped with ice cream. (^-^)

And hence, my latest object of desire.

This gadget is going for S$188. For such a single purpose machine, I would need to consider hard. I mean I have to ask myself how often I am going to be eating waffles. Everyday ... ? Nah!

Sigh ... I am always wanting this and that. Which is well that I stumbled upon this site last week or so. Just in 4 simple sentences, they say so much. Don't you think?


  1. hey... didnt know such waffle machines were available in singapore.
    where is it sold?

  2. According to the website by Mayer, it will be coming soon. For more info, check out their site: www.mayer.com.sg

    My little princess really likes waffles (at least for now) so that's why I am considering getting one. Cos I am desperate for breakfast ideas!

  3. whahaha the little princess at my house also hooked on waffles!!!!!!!

  4. Really??!! Mine would ask for ice cream on it. But she is having cough now, so she is waiting for her chance. Haha ...


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