Bento #2

::: Today's bento menu :::
Stir fried pork with ginger and spring onions (姜葱炒肉)
Baby xiao-bai-cai (小白菜)
Rice balls with crispy fried anchovies

Here's some basic rules for packing bentos which I have read. The whole bento is made up of 6 parts, comprising of 3 parts carbs, 2 parts veggies and 1 part protein. So if you stick to this composition, you would have a well balanced diet. And to make the bento visually exciting, just make sure that you have 5 colours in the box: red, yellow, green, black and white. Guess I've to work on the visual aspect of my bentos.

5 seems to be a very important number in Japanese cooking. According to Elizabeth Andoh's Washoku, there are 5 principles of washoku. 5 colours, 5 tastes, 5 ways of cooking, 5 senses and 5 outlooks (religious-wise). I find this book to be very interesting for its discussion of these principles and also instruction on how to take short-cuts to some of the lengthy preparation processes in certain recipes.

More on bentos in the next post ...


  1. I'm new to Bento and have been "googling" voraciously! Your post is the first to list the "rules," which helps immensely! Thanks so much!

  2. Glad that you found it helpful. And welcome to bento-ing!


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