Go Japanese!

I can always be heard saying "We are lead to our paths for a reason" to anyone who wants to hear it. Nope, this is not a religious talk nor am I a religious person to begin with. It is just that I always think that one thing leads to another and then another. So when you reflect on your journey, you would realise the reason(s) of your path(s).

Tell me how do all these gel up (all these happened around Christmas 2006):
~ I picked up The Japanese Kitchen and The Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat at the same time.
~ Stumbled into Cooking Cute's blog about bentos.
~ Hubby suggesting that we should drop our little precious to anyone who is willing to look after her for a dash to a decent Japanese restaurant.
~ Hubby trying to lose weight.


Well, I seem to see a big poster screaming "Go Japanese! That's why I put that on my food forecast for 2007.

I don't know if I would have the tenancity of Martha Stewart who was said to have worked her way through Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol I & Vol II or Tara of Joyful Cooking who is working her way through her Joy of Cooking ('97 ed.). But I think I ought to put my best foot forward and at least attempt to work through The Japanese Kitchen to put my money into good use.

Well, to-date I have only chip away the tip of the 250-recipes collection. There's what I have made:
- Dashi (fish and kelp stock)
- Miso soup with mixed mushrooms
- Stir-fried taro gelatin (konnyaku) in a foreigner's way
- Chawanmushi
- Miso soup with fermented soybeans

Hopefully more to come....

On the bento front, I think I am still not quite efficient in packing bentos yet, but I am smoothing out the wrinkles. Practice makes perfect, yah?