25 Only?

I'm currently browsing through the copy of The Kitchen Detective by Christopher Kimball. For those not in the know, he is the founder of Cooks' Illustrated magazine which has churned out many wonderful books such my copies of Baking Illustrated, Soups & Stews and Italian Classics. I love their books for one simple reason: each book is jam packed with tons of practical tips and information in their discussions preceeding each recipe.

So what's up with this book then?

I chanced upon this small section that has a header which reads "All You Really Need Is Love and 25 Good Recipes" and it goes on to say that cooks now suffer from recipe overload and ought to shed all those recipes that have accumulated, save for 25 really good ones and prefecting them over time.

Hmm.... I wonder which 25 recipes I would choose if put to task?

By the way, I'd have to ask Hubby if he mind eating the same 25 dishes over and over again until I'm able to nail down a satisfactory version?