Child Bento

My little cherub best friend and hero, Uncle D, is going away soon and he decided to take her for a little expedition today. Unfortunately the weather didn't permit us to walk around the botanical garden today, so instead, we headed for VivoCity.

So I packed a simple lunch for my little cherub this morning.

::: Child's bento menu :::
Pan seared salmon
Steamed broccoli
Rice with little omlette squares

The container and matching tote bag are bought by my sister direct from Japan, but it has been said that these can be bought from any dollar shop. Initially, I was quite skeptical about how much food these tiny weeny containers could hold. The verdict: more than enough food for a tot.

Just a footnote. My Japanese language is progessing and I think I can make out some simple recipes for now. I've managed to pick up certain interesting points made in the bento books and share them here later.