Bread Addiction

Did you read last Sunday's newspaper? No, not about the crashing of the a certain Ferrari, but the article about more Singaporean are tuning in to DIY bread.

According to the article, more people on this island are turning to hard, crusty and healtheir European style bread as their staple. Spelt bread? Rye bread? Wholemeal bread?

Not for me. Thank you.

I like my bread soft and fluffy. That is the kind of bread I grew up on, and that is the bread that I want my little princess to grow up on too. I mean bread is bread. A vessel for providing fuel for our bodies. I don't need fibre in my bread. I can bite into a fruit or top my sandwich with veg.

Despite the fact that I have so many bread making books, I have never found myself drawn to recipes for these breads. Strictly white bread only. And my quest for a good white bread recipe is never-ending. I will always be excited when I see a picture of a lofty loaf with soft fluffy white interior. I could almost conjure the smell whiffing from my computer screen.

Unfortunately, bread baking needs tender loving care. It cannot be hurried along. For this reason, it is hard to fit a bread making session into my daily routine. I can only manage to make it on super lax occasions. (-.-)

Note to self: Have to remind Hubby to drop in at Whampoa bakery later for a French loaf for my sun-dried tomato butter.


  1. Oh white bread. Oh how I love thy simplicity! Oops - sorry to go all poetic on everyone.

    I always try to get some bread baking into my weekly schedule. It reminds us to slow down a bit and enjoy the fermentation ;) I would like to say that bread baking doesn't have to be intimidating at all. It can be fun!

    If you are still looking for that perfect vs simple white bread recipe you're in luck. Come check me out and let me know if this fits your needs.


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