Chicken Pot Pie

For some unknown reasons, my little princess asked me to make her chicken pie. I looked at her and wonder what kind of pies had she eaten to make her ask for more chicken pie. I racked my brains and the possible pies that she had eaten doesn't sound like something worthy of my effort to replicate.

So I hit my books and came up with this: chicken pot pie. I highly doubt that she has eaten this from stores, but I am willing to bet my last penny that she would love it. For one simple reason: it is creamy. She loves creamy foods. Pasta Alfredo, Pasta Cabonara, Cream of [fill in the blank] soup, etc. I've made chicken pot pie before, but I doubt I fed any to her. The previous recipe calls for whole chicken whilst this recipe calls for parts. Since I'm not in the frame of mind to handle a whole chicken, parts seems a perfect alternative.

It was no surprise when I was making the roux, she came running into the kitchen.

She: "Mommy, what's that smell?"

Me: "Smells nice or terrible?"

She: "Smells nice. .... Is it butter?"

Me: "Yes! How did you know?" *I was quite surprise she knew.*

She: "Cos I can smell it. Can I try some butter?" *she meant the roux*

After tasting some, She: "Nice! Please put some on my rice."

So there you have it, she wants that creamy sauce on her rice. Not with some fanciful puff pastry that I was working out in my mind how to roll.

Here's a few pic of her digging into her lunch.

The recipe comes from Cover & Bake by Cook's Illustrated, which almost guarantee success. And it was. I have pre-cut the vegetables the day before and since I don't have to roll the puff pastry. Everything was a breeze. The sauce was so thick and creamy and beautiful that I almost cried when I gave it a final stir. Crazy isn't it? (By the way, I just found out that I made a boo-boo - I doubled the amount of butter called for. But the sauce was still to die for!)

Here's my chicken pot pie filling ready to go.


  1. Chicken pie filling with rice? Hmm never thought it can be eaten this way ~ special!

    So do u intend to roll any pastry for it?


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