Garlic-Rosemary Roast Chicken with Potatoes

Since the last time I made Baked Chicken with Fennel, Tomatoes and Olives, I had been hankering for another serving of it. Unfortunately, my nearest Cold Storage ran out of the two important ingredients: fennel and olives.

Not to be undone, I still went ahead to buy 4 slabs of the chicken breasts and dragged out my The New Best Recipe to fish out a recipe for it. And this recipe turned up and I had all the ingredients! A quick check on my rosemary plant, who seems very obliging to provide a few sprigs for my dinner experiment.

After brining for an hour in the fridge, the baked chicken was moist and tender. Although the dish was not as visually attractive as the Baked Chicken with Fennel, the taste was equally satisfying. We mopped up all the juices with lots of bread. (^.^)

Wonderful dish for entertaining.