Japanese "Cottony" Cheesecake

Came across this recipe from a fellow local blogger. From the description of it, it seemed easy enough so I decide to make this my first experiment in cakes. Indeed, the preparation was rather easy and the baking filled my house with wonderous smell of a bakery!

However, I met with a few glitches and my cake didn't turn out to be cottony and light as those store-bought. Well, I did confessed that I am not a very good cake baker. The taste of the cheesecake was really nice, but due to my lack of skill the signature mouthfeel was not there.

On a positive note, I have learnt a couple of points in cake making:

(a) ALL ingredients must be at room temperature before starting (and that includes the cream cheese in this instance if not there will be nodules of undissolved cream cheese).

(b) When folding in the egg whites, I should take my time to ensure that it is evenly folded in (especially into the heavier batter sitting right at the end of the mixing bowl).

The taste of this cheesecake is just too good that I am sure I will be attempting it again.


  1. can keep a slice for me? I would like to bake but no oven... sigh


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