Beef Hor Fun and Loh Han Zai

Made Beef Hor Fun and Loh Han Zai for dinner last night.

The Hor Fun recipe was taken from and I find that it is quite alot of work and the taste was only average. It is unlike those we would find from any zi-char stalls here, perhaps it is Malaysian style. Or perhaps it is just Amy Beh. We have tried a few of her recipes before and I must say that either she or The Star didn't have very good proof readers/editors. Her recipes are at times unclear or mixed up. Eg. In this Beef Hor Fun recipe, the sauce ingredients (B) was added to fry the noodles (!!) and then you are suppose to have some more sauce ingredients to add to the pan to make the gravy (!!??). Hubby commented that it was little wonder why she never made it to publish as many books as his "girlfriend" (I suppose was her greatest competitor in the local scene).

Here is our Beef Hor Fun:

We also made Loh Han Zai to make up for the lack of veggies in our Hor Fun. This dish was adapted from a recipe in Patsie Cheong's Homemade Dishes. The preperation took quite a while, but the cooking is really jiffy. Actually, I am quite relucant to call it Loh Han Zai cos I didn't add any gluten balls or used vegetarian sauce. This is a good dish to use up all those remaining bits of veggies sitting in the fridge which are otherwise destined for the bin. I think I should rename it Vegetable Medley instead.

Made this for breakfast for our little cherub: Banana pancake. I used Martha Stewart's Best Buttermilk Pancake recipe and adapted it for our little tot. Omitted the salt and sugar but added mashed bananas for the natural sweetness.


  1. sorry dear, can't get the receipe link for the pancakes

  2. The link is working but the site might not be at certain times. I have been having problems accessing Martha Stewart site for some time already.


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