Hunting Korean Food

After reading an online article about Korean restaurants, this was what I wrote in a tiny slip of paper.

* Kim's Family Restaurant *
* Lorong Kilat *
* Spicy octopus fried rice *

And armed with that slip of paper, I enlisted my sis to drive my mom and I to hunt down the place. Well, I can't call it hunting, cos it only took us a 5 mins walkaround to find it.

The place is quite inaccessible (from my point of view, wearing 2.5 inch heels) unless you drive and it is located in the most unlikely place whereby its neighbours consist of a mix of foot flexiologist, car repair shops, an ice cream parlor and a tour agency (I think).

But first let me apologise for not having any photos in this post. I couldn't manage my flimsy handphone camera while handling/feeding my little tot.

The shop was quite empty when we headed in. Only one table was occupied by two diners who were ploughing through their big stoneware bowls of rice. When we were seated, a server immediately send us a big jug of cold lightly brewed tea to quench our thirst from the sweltering heat outside. The menus on our table looked somewhat like a hastily-put-together-last-minute project file that I would hand in to my poly tutor. The crumpled menu was, however, properly organised according to courses and had a photo for each dish. This is really a big plus point for people like us who aren't really well acquainted with the cuisine.

After we placed our orders, the server promptly placed numerous side dishes on our table. I couldn't identify most of them, but one of it was kimchi, another was seasoned spinach, and another was fried anchovies. But the most delicious of all was the kimchi pancake! I wolfed down half of the pancake in minutes. Spicy, sourish and crunchy. I wonder if these side dishes are free flow.

So here is a list of food that we ordered that day.

* Bulgogi (Grilled marinated beef) set [S$6] - Nothing special about this dish. Almost akin to something that you get from a regular Korean stall in any given food court. But the generous portion of sliced beef would make any hungry diner grin from ear to ear. The set comes with a bowl of rice and a soup. I suppose this is their staple to pull in the crowd.

* Bulgogi with Mushrooms [S$12] - Similar in taste to the Bulgogi except that it comes with a heap of mixed mushrooms and rice piled high up on the hotplate. The sliced beef was also generous.

* Samgyetang (Chicken ginseng soup) [S$17] - There is a whole small chicken in our hot stoneware bowl. The broth was mild and the ginseng taste could hardly be detected. You'll have to salt it yourself. My sis ate alot of the glutinous rice stuffing and said that it was soft and tasted good. I think I have tasted better chicken ginseng soup than this.

* Japchae (Mix vegetable with sweet potato noodles) [S$15] - I had seen this dish appear in a few Korean dramas that I have watched in the past months and am most curious how it would taste. I did some homework on it and am so ready to try making it myself (that is when I get my hands on those sweet potato noodles from Sheng Siong!). Naturally when I saw this on the menu, I had to order it to know how it is actually made. Well, according to my research, this is more like a mixed vegetable dish with noodles to compliment it. Here's a picture of it. But what came to our table was more like sweet potato noodles tossed with a few limp stir-fried vegetables and mushrooms. The noodles are really filling and I didn't even finish half the dish.

* Pajeon (Seafood pancake) [S$10] - The pancake was good with lots of squid and spring onions in it. The spicy dipping sauce was also interesting. As a side dish, it was really filling.

* Tukbokki (Rice cake with vegetables) [S$6] - Just looking that the dish, I had expected that this would be a spicy dish from the redness of the dish. But biting into it, the dish was more sweet than spicy. The rice cake was chewy and tasted like a tougher version of a dessert mochi. Interesting taste but not exactly inspiring.

* Spicy octopus fried rice [S$10] - Served in a big stoneware bowl almost the size of the chicken ginseng soup. After mixing in the topping on the rice, the rice was as red as the rice cake dish. And it tasted just as sweet. There was a generous portion of octopus in it.

Total bill: S$83.60 (after service charge)

I think on the overall, the food is only average but for the uninitiated, the photo menu is a good place to start learning about the food. Would I go back there again? For the kimchi pancakes, I would!

Kim Family Food Pte Ltd
17 Lorong Kilat
#01-06 Kilat Court
Tel: 8201-9745


  1. A more convenient location for good Korean food is at square2.. called Han sang family restaurant.

  2. Yes, that is on my "To-Try" list. Another one is the one at Amara. Have you tried that?

  3. hmm... never tried that one before....


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