Bread Reflection

I have a love-hate relationship with bread. I love eating and making bread, but I can't seem to get good breads out of my oven.

Since that crushing failure with my bread, I have been re-examining what I have done wrongly, or rather, what have I not done. Well, I have narrowed it down to a few things that went wrong and one thing for sure is that my yeast is the main culprit. I realised that it was due to expire on 31 Dec 2007. Okay, not exactly overdue, but it was old yeast.

However, upon going through my cookbook word for word again, I realised that I have used instant yeast rather than the required active dry yeast. What's the diff, right?


Here's an article on the 2 types of yeast, if you are interested.

Well, I am suppose to be slightly the wiser now, so I am off to make my bread (again!). Wish me luck. (^.^)


  1. Keep trying! I promise it gets easier and the payoff only makes to work that much easier!!!


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