How Much Time Do You Spend In Your Kitchen?

Once after a visit to my grandmother's, my Hubby commented that she was in her kitchen the whole time we were there. Well, we were both sitting at her dining table in her kitchen with her standing over her sink/stove/working counter. My guess will be that either she had lots to do or that was the place where she was most comfortable.

That visit was a few years back. And now I find that most of my "me-time" are spent in the kitchen too! Alot of items on my to-do-when-baby-is-asleep list will take place in the kitchen.

I once read that kitchen is the heart of the home where lots of sharing of food and your daily happenings takes place. That's what it was when I was living with my mom and now I hope create that environment in my own home too.

However, I would think that most of my peers would not share the same thought. I have yet to meet someone who can really cook and/or loves cooking. Given the modern day living here, one's kitchen may consist only a kettle and a small saucepan for instant noodles. So this left me thinking how much time does a person who can really cook and loves cooking spend in his/her kitchen.