Food Forecast for 2008

Now that we have come to the close of 2007, I thought maybe I ought to sit down and think about the direction of this blog for the upcoming year.

I guess I could call this year a milestone for me cos I have finally managed to do a few things that I hadn't think I would achieve.

+ Bento Lunches +

This year saw me making a few bento boxes to office. It has been really fun and challenging. Though I have accumulated quite a sizable stash of bento equipment, I did not make it to Bento #14. So I thought that maybe for the new year, I would include in my foodie resolution to make bento lunches for Hubby.

+ Freezer Forays +

Since starting to read up on bento blogs, I have came across discussios about freezing foods. With the books I acquired from Japan, my freezer is now chocked full of food which are all prep-ed and ready to use. But I am now only at the very basic level whereby I only freeze raw food. So hopefully next year I would take this into the next level of freezing pre-cooked foods.

+ Japanese Foods +

This year I found myself very compelled to learn Japanese language to further my interest in Jap food. In the past I have always thought that there is little need for me to learn a third language, but the numerous interesting Japanese websites (including non food related ones) just gave me another reason to start on the language. I'm still a long way to go but I taking it one step at a time.

+ Bread Making +

This month I managed to learn how to make soft white bread at home. I can't really describe how happy I felt when I tore open the first loaf of bread to see the soft white interior. Baking white bread is just the tip of the iceberg for me. Using this basic platform, I am already making plans to make more fanciful breads. Too ambitious? I think so, too! (^.^')

Another resolution under consideration is whether I ought to select a book each month and try cooking out of for the whole of that month. It is no easy feat, but I find myself thinking more and more about this idea as I try to justify to myself the numerous cookbooks sitting on my bookshelves.

Well, let's see what turns up at this blog at the end of year!

Happy new year to all!


  1. Ya ya, you've really done quite a lot.
    3 claps for u :)
    Keep it up! Dont slack in the new year, hehe!


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