Count Our Blessings

~ Please note that this post has nothing to do with food. ~

Do you read the obituary section in the papers?

I do, almost every time I open the papers. And today, I came across this beautiful obituary dedicated to a Ms Dora Tay from her family.

We think of you in silence and often speak your name,
But all that's left to answer is your picture in a frame,

If we could have one lifetime wish, one dream that would come true,
We would wish with all our hearts for yesterday and you.

If tears could build a stairway, and heartache make a lane,
We would walk to anywhere to be with you again.

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as I imagine the loss and longings of the family.

Often I could be heard saying "We are all waiting to die." I can't remember where I had picked that phrase up from but I know it resonates with my outlook of life. To acknowledge our mortality is to acknowledge our shortness of life. It is a grim reminder that we should cherish the people around us and make the most of the brief time we have on our hands.

It is with this mentality and our Buddhist belief that nothing lasts forever that Hubby was able to bid farewell to his maternal grandma, who passed on recently, without being overcome by emotions.

I know it is a taboo to be speaking of death with Chinese New Year just round the corner, but I thought it would be an opportune time to count our blessings of being able to celebrate the festivity with our families and friends.

For my literary inclined readers, I recommend Senaca's On The Shortness of Life as something to meditate on during the coming long weekend.