Kimchi Tofu Don

There are always days when the idea of cooking dinner throws up much frustration in me. When cooking for myself, I know exactly what I would want everyday - buttery mashed potatoes and sauteed zucchini. But cooking for others, I would have more to consider apart from my own freakish taste buds. Hubby will eat anything that I put on the table. That's great support from him but he is eating too much. Princess is still a kid with limited tolerance for any exotic foods. So everyday I will have to thread on that fine line that meets all these considerations.

And then there are days when I am just too lazy to cook. Just the thought of prep, cook and clean is enough to send me back to my sofa for another hour of mindless tv watching. When such days do occur, I would usually resort to one-pan meals (i.e. fried rice, fried noodles, hotpot, etc.).

So the other day I piece this together with whatever that I have in the fridge.

Stir fried pork with tofu and kimchi.

Princess' version was essentially the same except that I had to portion hers out before adding the kimchi.

From prep, cook, clean and to table, it took me about 40 mins. Which is still much shorter a time than it takes for me to decide where to eat out. Serious. Hubby often was able to finish watching some tv programme while I contemplate our dining venue.

I don't have an exact recipe for this but I've provided a broad outline to give you a general idea.

Heat oil in a frying pan. Add garlic and fry until it start to turn brown. Add pork slices (I used thinly sliced pork belly) and cook until they are no longer pink. Add sliced zucchini and stir. Cook until the zucchini is almost tender. Add cut firm tofu and stir until it is heated through.

For non spicy version: Add soy sauce to taste and serve over hot rice.

For kimchi version: Add chopped kimchi as well as the kimchi liquid that comes in the bag. Stir until it is heated through. Adjust seasoning, if necessary, and serve over hot rice.