Mommy, I Will Follow You

It seems to me that it was just yesterday when she was still in diapers and drinking from milk bottles.

Erm ... In fact she was still in a diaper when she woke up and drank milk from her milk bottle this morning.

She is six this year, why did you ask?

I snapped this photo last Sunday when we were running to Mediya (running cos I left the car with the smart-key in my bag and Hubby was sort of stranded in the car, so had to run back to pass him the smart-key; smart indeed) . I just couldn't resist when I saw how pretty she looked. She still likes boys stuff, but was willing to oblige her manupulative mother by wearing this.

These days when I go out with her in my hand, I have the odd thinking that I am too young to have a daughter this old. I am in denial. On some days, I'd wish she would grow up quickly but on others I wish she would stay this way forever. On most days, I will just marvel at how much she has grown.

Last Friday after doing her homework, she decided she didn't want to nap and that she wanted to dine out. And that's what we did. By the time we finished dinner, I was ready to hit the sack right at the restaurant chair but I still had to drive home after dropping Hubby off at his office carpark to pick up his car. So we had this conversation:

Me: "Darling, I think you better follow Daddy to his car. I'm worried that I might crash the car if I fall asleep while driving."

Princess: "Noooo!!! I want to stay with mommy."

Me: "No, darling, you better go with Daddy, in case I crash the car and die, you are with him."

Princess: "No, I want to stay with mommy and if you die I want to follow you."

Now, how to argue with that?


  1. She's wearing a skirt? Tell her Aunty Nemo says she looks very pretty in skirt!

  2. Haha ... Thanks, Aunty Nemo! I'll let her know.

    I have struck a deal with her to wear a dress/skirt or something girly on Saturday. Now everybody wants to see her on that "girly" day. Hot commodity.

  3. Yea, she should wear that more often!
    I would love to see her girly look the next time we meet :)


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